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Advanced Canvas Skills (Fall B 2023) is a Course

Advanced Canvas Skills (Fall B 2023)

Nov 2, 2023 - Dec 15, 2023
1 credit


Full course description

About Advanced Canvas Skills

Participants in this course will take their intermediate Canvas skills to an advanced level by learning how to create groups and differentiated group assignments, utilizing HTML for page design, hold students accountable with specially designed rubrics and monitor student progress, increase accessibility to better meet student needs, and create overview and conclusion pages. This course will help participants improve existing Canvas courses to enrich student learning and performance by following the guidelines of Universal Design for Learning. 

Credit: 1 USBE or 1 SUU Credit
Course Type: Online
Course Level: Advanced
Prerequisite: Enhancing Your Canvas Skills Course
Cost: Free to Utah Educators

 Expected Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this course participants should be able to:

  • Use HTML code to add tabs, to Canvas pages.
  • Use HTML code to add visual components, such as quote blocks, and color blocks to Canvas pages.
  • Differentiate course assignments using flexible due dates and multiple quiz attempts.
  • Design practice stations within my Canvas course to allow for differentiation and small-group instruction.
  • Utilize the accessibility features within Canvas to allow all students to have equal access to course content.
  • Create and moderate video discussions in Canvas.
  • Fully utilize quiz settings to provide specific feedback to students based on individual needs.
  • Use New Quizzes in Canvas to create interactive, multi-modal quizzes.
  • Create rubrics that guide student work and help me provide meaningful assessment and feedback.
  • Design overview and conclusion pages in each module that include learning intentions and success criteria.
  • Enable the ‘view progress’ feature in modules to monitor student progress and allow students to monitor their own progress.


 Final Assessment

Your final assessment will include questions about the content of the course.  You will respond in essay format. Reflect on your experiences in this course, including how changes will improve the student experience and performance, accessibility, and expectations.

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