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Designing Future Classrooms (Spring B 2024) is a Course

Designing Future Classrooms (Spring B 2024)

Mar 7, 2024 - Apr 17, 2024
1 credit


Full course description

About Designing Future Classrooms

Educational technology is consistently evolving feature of Utah classrooms. In order to effectively use educational technology in our classrooms educators must use current educational models to explore real world issues with students. This course seeks to explore innovative ways to use technology and curricular models to meet real world needs. Students will explore various technologies (3D printing, augmented reality, etc.) and curricular models (personalized learning, project-based learning, etc.) with an eye to encouraging students to discover solutions to real world issues in their communities.  

Credit: 1 USBE or 1 SUU Credit
Course Type: Online
Course Level: Beginner
Cost: Free to Utah Educators
Endorsement Category: Digital Teaching and Learning

 Expected Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this course participants should be able to:

  • Explain and feel comfortable starting to use a variety of educational technologies in their classrooms including 3D printing, augmented reality, game design, design thinking, and sequential art. 
  • Use a variety of curricular models, including personalized learning, project-based learning, global collaboration, game-based learning, and competency-based learning, to meet the unique needs of their learners while also building connections with current educational technology.
  • Develop curricula that explores real-world community problems with students while also utilizing educational technology and current curriculum models.
  • Utilize a course-developed plan to convince all members of the learning community (students, parents/guardians, and administrators) of an innovative learning plan.
  • Create opportunities to fund implementation of new technology in classrooms using local and national grants.


 Final Assessment

Using work from prior modules, learners will create a presentation (screencast or slide deck) to share their innovative learning plan with the learning community members (students, parents/guardians, and administrators). This presentation will outline the innovative nature of the planned learning, which technologies will be used, which curriculum model will be used, and how the educator plans to pull in community issues to the classroom. The presentation will also detail any funding needed for the project and which grants were selected for the project.

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