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Nearpod Certified Educator: Advanced Course | Self-Paced MOOC is a Course

Nearpod Certified Educator: Advanced Course | Self-Paced MOOC

1 credit


Full course description

In this course, participants will learn advanced features of Nearpod and apply pedagogy to creating Nearpod lessons. This includes learning about formative assessments available in Nearpod, how to differentiate Nearpod lessons in a variety of ways, creating good lessons using instructional strategies and connecting best technology practices to Nearpod lessons. The course is self-paced and online. Through the experience of completing several assignments where teachers experience teaching with Nearpod and reflect on practice, they will gain fluency with using advanced features in Nearpod and applying best pedagogy practices to lessons. In developing this fluency, they'll be able to comfortably utilize Nearpod in a variety of classroom contexts.

Prerequisite: Completion of Nearpod Certified Educator
Credit: 1 USBE or 1 SUU Credit
Course Type: Massive Open Online Course - MOOC
Course Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Cost: Free to Utah Educators
Endorsement Category: Elective

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)
These courses are open entry/exit with no enrollment cap. All coursework and assignments can be completed at the participants own pace. There is very limited instructor interaction.

Expected Learning Outcomes

  • Use formative assessment to inform their instruction with Nearpod tools.
  • Differentiate Nearpod lessons to meet the needs of students.
  • Design and create a lesson that follows instructional strategies and includes Nearpod interactivity for maximum student engagement that is aligned to curriculum.

Final Assessment
Upon completion of the assignments, the participant will be eligible to add an additional badge to their Nearpod Certified Educator credential. This is the final project for the course. In order to apply, the participant will need to submit a lesson that exemplifies the design parameters in the application. The participants may submit a lesson they have used in this course if it fulfills the NCE: ADV requirements.

Policies and Procedures

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